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Calming Activities Near You in Columbia, TN: Zen Painting

Painting and Meditation Participating in a Painting with a Twist Zen Collection event in Columbia is an experience for anyone who needs a moment of relaxation. Whether you’re an individual with an innate talent for art or you can’t draw a straight line, you’ll enjoy putting paint to canvas at our Painting with a Twist Columbia studio. Our talented instructors will walk you through your own beautiful artwork. brushstroke by brushstroke, so you can learn the techniques and enjoy the process in a calming environment. We’ll supply the canvas, a curated collection of paints, and various brushes — all you have to supply is an open mind and a pinch of creativity!

How Do Zen Collection Painting Events in Columbia, TN Work?

The busyness of your day-to-day can feel stressful, and a hot shower or a meditation practice may not offer the relief you want. If you want to unwind and de-stress, a Painting with a Twist Zen Collection painting event in Columbia should be at the top of your list. Soft music creates a peaceful vibe at our Columbia location, which we recreate into a retreat of tranquility and bliss. A local Columbia artist will help you bring to life a painting from our Zen Collection — imagine sunrises, sunsets, calming landscapes, or something equally calming! Throughout the event, our artist will lead you through additional peaceful activities, including moments of meditation and calming breathing practices, to help give you the full relaxation experience

Just like you don’t need any painting experience to enjoy yourself at Painting with a Twist in Columbia, you don’t need to be a meditation guru or yoga extraordinaire to reap the benefits of our zen painting event. Engaging yourself in a creative activity like painting can alleviate tension, promote positive thinking, and even enhance problem-solving skills. In other words, it’s a great method to improve your mental health! The serene music and other mindfulness activities are the icings on the cake.

Join Our Zen Collection Virtual Painting Event in Columbia, TN

Trying to find a new way to relax at home instead? Whether you’re searching for a relaxing, at-home date night idea once the little ones are down for the night or you’re uninterested in putting on makeup to leave your home, we’ve got your back! Join a virtual zen painting class at home, hosted by your local Columbia Painting with a Twist. Get comfy and prepare to get centered with our one-of-a-kind Zen Collection painting event right from your Columbia home! You can pick up your Twist at Home Paint Kit prior to your virtual event, so you have everything you need to activate your state of Zen at home!

Don’t forget to spread relaxing vibes! Inviting your friends and family is easy! Reserve a private in-person or at-home virtual event, and select a painting from our Zen Collection. After you figure out what you want to paint, tell us who all will be attending, and we'll help you plan the most ideal paint party!

The Ultimate Relaxation Idea: a Zen Collection Painting Event in Columbia, TN

There’s no doubt that we all have our preferred relaxation routine, and there’s certainly no shortage of fun activities to do in Columbia. But what’s the harm in exploring a different kind of relaxation? Our virtual and in-person studio events are a fun and budget-friendly way to let your hair down, socialize, and try something different, all while participating in an unforgettable zen painting experience. Get together with your fellow Twisters at a Zen Collection painting event in Columbia, and watch your stress melt away!

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If you can think it, we can create it! At Painting with a Twist, the fun is endless.