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Join a Fun Paint & Sip Event From Your Lutherville-Timonium, MD Home

Whether you're looking for some social interaction, a fun creative outlet, or you just need something to do this weekend, a Twist at Home virtual paint and sip with Lutherville-Timonium Painting with a Twist is for you! Purchase your Twist at Home painting kit with all the supplies you need for a fun night of art or join other twisters in a virtual event from Painting with a Twist in Lutherville-Timonium.

What Is a Twist at Home Kit in Lutherville-Timonium?

Twist at Home A Twist at Home Paint Kit is your way to have an enjoyable paint and sip experience from Painting with a Twist without needing to leave your Lutherville-Timonium home! Browse the painting options for your At-Home Paint Kit at our Lutherville-Timonium studio, and find your favorite one! Buy your selection, and then pick up your At-Home Paint Kit from our Lutherville-Timonium studio.

Can I Host a Virtual Paint Party in Lutherville-Timonium?

Of course! If you’d like to participate in a virtual paint and sip party at Lutherville-Timonium Painting with a Twist, simply visit the upcoming events section of our website, and select an event labeled “Virtual.” On the day of your virtual paint party, you'll get a meeting invite to join a professional in-studio painting instructor and other at-home Twisters in a one-of-a-kind virtual painting experience.

What Do I Need to Bring to a Virtual Lutherville-Timonium Painting Event?

When you join your online Twist at Home painting party, you'll get a canvas (or the painting surface that goes along with your event), several tubes of paint (the colors will depend on your painting), and a few different sized brushes. You'll need something to mix your paint colors on — a paper plate should work — and a cup of water to wash the paint off your brushes. It's also advised that you wear old clothes or an apron to be on the safe side. And that's all! You're all set for your at-home virtual painting party.

Setting Up Your Lutherville-Timonium Home for a Virtual Twist at Home Event

You don't have to have an art studio in your house, an easel, or any painting skills to enjoy a Twist at Home virtual paint and sip event. All you have to have is an optimistic attitude and the painting kit you'll receive from Painting with a Twist — and maybe a little room in your house in Lutherville-Timonium to get creative! Choose a large enough space to lay out all of the supplies you got in your at-home painting kit — your kitchen table should be plenty big enough. It would probably be best to cover it with something to protect it, such as paper or plastic wrap.

You may also want to wear clothes you don't mind getting paint on. The paint might stain, so it's better to be safe than accidentally spill paint on your favorite jeans! Finally, set up the device you'll be using to join the at-home virtual painting event — a tablet or laptop should do. Make sure you can see the device's screen while still being able to access the canvas and painting supplies. Once you're set up, click on the meeting invite once the online event begins, and get ready for a fun paint and sip event from the comfort of your home!

The Best Virtual At-Home Painting Event is a Click Away

Joining a Twist at Home virtual painting party is easy! Check out the upcoming events at your local Lutherville-Timonium studio, and filter the event calendar by Virtual Live Event. Find an upcoming Twist at Home event that you want to attend, and click "Book Now!" Having a paint and sip party in your own home has never been easier — or more fun! Or if you’d rather paint on your own time, just order an At-Home Paint Kit!

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