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How Do Team Building Paint Parties in Shreveport Boost Morale

Team Building Painting Event Team building events don't have to be boring or inconvenient. Most of the time, the best team building events happen when the whole team gets to connect over a non-work-related activity! But finding a space for corporate events in Shreveport where everyone can relax, chat, and build relationships can be tricky. Restaurants are busy, drinks are cliche, and dedicated spaces for corporate outings in Shreveport may give your company’s accountants heartburn! Alternatively, book your next team build at Painting with a Twist in Shreveport, LA for a creative team building outing everyone can enjoy. Provide your coworkers with a space to let their creativity flow, have water cooler conversations, and collaborate!

The Ultimate Activity for Remote Team Building in Shreveport, LA

No matter if you’re a remote team of five or fifty, working remotely can leave your team feeling distant and disconnected, which is why team building exercises are especially vital to remote teams. At Painting with a Twist, we make remote team building events stress-free and fun with virtual painting parties.

Book your private virtual team building event by contacting your nearest Painting with a Twist in Shreveport, and our associates will help with the logistics, including the attendee list, shipping all the materials and canvas, and a date and time that works for you. We'll ensure everyone on your team receives an at-home painting kit and invite them to the virtual paint and sip event. Being apart together has never been easier or more fun!

Planning a Carefree Activity for Your Whole Team in Shreveport

At Painting with a Twist in Shreveport, we take the stress out of your team building experience. Upon arrival, all the materials and instructions will be pre-arranged for your convenience. Once everyone is settled in, one of our Shreveport artists will break the ice and then walk your team through the painting process. And don't worry, it's FUN art, not FINE art! Even if no one on your team is an artist, they can still have a blast with the easy-to-follow guided instructions from our in-studio instructor! When you’re all done, we’ll do the tidying up, making this one of the easiest and most stress-free team builds your team will ever do!

Building Relationships for Every Type of Team at Shreveport Painting with a Twist

If you assume that team building activities are just for big corporations and company retreats, it’s time to reconsider. A painting event at Painting with a Twist is the perfect team building opportunity for any team, whether that’s your intramural volleyball squad, your improv troupe, the whole Girl Scout crew, or even your Shreveport neighborhood's book club. If you’ve got a team in mind, we can facilitate an engaging team event in Shreveport, LA. Book your team building event today!

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