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Join a Fun Paint & Sip Event From Your Sarasota, FL Home

If you're in need of a little social time, you're looking for a creative outlet, or you simply need something to look forward to this weekend without leaving your Sarasota home, then a Twist at Home paint and sip event is what you need! Purchase your at-home paint kit or join a virtual event from your local Sarasota studio.

What's the Deal with Sarasota Twist at Home Kits?

Twist at Home A Twist at Home Paint Kit is your way to have an enjoyable paint and sip experience from Painting with a Twist without even leaving your Sarasota home! Browse the options for your At-Home Paint Kit at your local studio in Sarasota, and choose your favorite! Purchase your selection, and then pick up your Twist at Home Paint Kit at your local studio in Sarasota.

Can I Host a Virtual Sarasota Painting Party?

Yes! If you'd like to join in on a virtual paint and sip party at Sarasota Painting with a Twist, simply visit the upcoming events section of our site, and choose any event labeled "Virtual." On the day of your virtual painting event, you'll receive a meeting invite to accompany one of our in-studio artists and other at-home Twisters in a one-of-a-kind virtual painting experience.

What Do I Need to Bring to a Virtual Sarasota Painting Event?

When you sign up for your Twist at Home virtual paint and sip event, you'll receive a canvas (or whichever surface you picked for your event), as much paint as you'll need (the colors will depend on your painting), and different sized brushes. You'll need to have something to mix your paint colors on — a paper plate should work — and a water cup to clean your brushes. You should also wear some old clothes or an apron just in case. And that's it! You're officially ready for your virtual paint and sip event at home.

Setting Up Your Home for a Virtual Sarasota Twist at Home Event

It's unnecessary painting skills, your own easel, or even an art studio in your house to have a good time during a Twist at Home painting event. All you have to have is a positive attitude and the paint kit you'll get from Painting with a Twist — and perhaps a small dedicated space in your house in Sarasota to get creative! Find a space big enough for all of the painting supplies you got in your at-home painting kit — a kitchen or coffee table should have plenty of room. Just make sure you cover it with paper or other protective covering!

It's also probably best to wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty. The paint may stain, so it's better to plan ahead than cover your favorite pants in paint splatters! Finally, set up the device you plan to use to join the at-home virtual painting event — a tablet or laptop should do. Ensure you can see your device's screen while still being able to reach your painting supplies and canvas. Once you're set up, click on the meeting invite once the party begins, and enjoy a fun virtual painting party right from your home!

Your Ideal At-Home Virtual Paint & Sip Party is a Click Away

Joining a virtual Twist at Home paint and sip party is easy! Browse your local Sarasota studio's upcoming events, and choose Virtual Live Event as the event calendar filter. Choose a Twist at Home painting event that you'd like to join, and click the "Book Now" button! Joining an at-home paint and sip party has never been so easy — or more fun! Or if you just want the supplies for your own painting project, just order an At-Home Paint Kit!

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If you can think it, we can create it! At Painting with a Twist, the fun is endless.