Private Paint Party

Deerfield Beach, FL

Create colorful memories. Pour a glass, paint a bit, and laugh a lot!


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A Private Paint & Sip Event in Deerfield Beach, FL That's Fun for Everyone

Whether it's old friends, new friends, or the whole family, planning an event in Deerfield Beach that's fun for everyone can be difficult. But when it comes to a private painting party at Painting with a Twist in Deerfield Beach, you can count on hosting an event that everyone can enjoy, no matter what they're into! Book your private party now. Get ready to experience something new and make lasting memories.

Why Have a Private Painting Event in Deerfield Beach, FL

Friends Painting and Drinking Wine at Private Event Getting the gang together is difficult enough. But finding something for everybody to enjoy can be an even bigger challenge! That's why a Painting with a Twist private paint and sip event is the perfect outing in Deerfield Beach for your entire party. Have some of your guests never even seen a paintbrush before? That's fine! No experience is necessary to enjoy a private paint and sip party at Painting with a Twist. At our studios, we aren't just about making art; we’re about creating memories. We like to say it's fun art, not fine art! An artist entertainer from our studio in Deerfield Beach, FL will lead you and your guests through every brushstroke, so everyone can simply enjoy the experience, have fun, and leave with their very own artwork.

What to Bring to a Private Paint and Sip Event in Deerfield Beach

The thought of hosting a fun Deerfield Beach event that's stress-free may seem like an impossible task. But with a private paint and sip event, Painting with a Twist can help make your Deerfield Beach private event the most fun and stress-free event you've ever put together! Schedule your event at your Deerfield Beach Painting with a Twist studio, and we'll make sure everything is taken care of before you arrive. Your brushes, easel, canvas, and instructions are all included in your booking. We'll even do the hard work of setting up everyone's workstation and selecting the proper paint colors for the artwork you selected. All you'll have to do is bring your party-goers and whatever beverages you choose, and you'll be ready to enjoy your private painting party in Deerfield Beach.

Host a Private At-Home Paint & Sip Party in Deerfield Beach

You don't have to venture far to enjoy a private painting party in Deerfield Beach. With Painting with a Twist, you can host a virtual private painting party right at home! Book an at-home private paint party, and our studio in Deerfield Beach will help you start on the next steps, such as getting names and addresses from your guests and ensuring everyone can receive their at-home paint supply kits.

On the day of your virtual private paint and sip event, an artist at the Deerfield Beach, FL studio where you booked your event will direct you and your party goers through an exciting, online painting experience using a video meeting platform. And since it is a virtual private paint and sip party, the event space is solely up to you and your guests! No matter if you're organizing the event in your Deerfield Beach, FL home or everyone is miles apart, you can reserve your private paint and sip party with assurance knowing that everyone in your party can get together no matter what city they live in.

How to Schedule a Private Paint & Sip Party in Deerfield Beach, FL

When you schedule a private painting party, you'll select a time and date that works best for you and the party-goers on your invite list, and tell us how many future Twisters will be joining your private party. After you've sent us your party request, someone from our studio in Deerfield Beach, FL will contact you for more details. You'll select your event artwork from thousands of paintings in our library to find the right one for your paint and sip party. Finally, as your private paint and sip party gets closer, we'll reach out to you with any last-minute information to make sure your party goes as smoothly as possible. All that's left for you to do is show up, paint, sip, and have fun!

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