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How Do Team Building Paint Parties in Camarillo Boost Morale

Team Building Painting Event Team building events don’t have to be monotonous or complicated. Most of the time, the best team building events are when the team gets to connect outside of work! But finding a venue in Camarillo where everyone can come together, chat, and build rapport can be tricky. Restaurants are packed, drinks are cliche, and other team building venues can cost an arm and a leg! Alternatively, reserve a paint and sip team building party in Camarillo, CA for an engaging in-person or virtual corporate event. Give your team a safe and quiet space to express their creativity, have water cooler conversations, and collaborate!

The Ultimate Activity for Remote Team Building in Camarillo, CA

No matter if you’re a remote team of five or fifty, working from home can allow your team to drift apart, which is why team building exercises are especially vital to remote teams. At Painting with a Twist, we make remote team building events engaging and fun with our virtual live painting events.

Plan your virtual team building activity through your nearest studio in Camarillo, and we'll reach out regarding the next steps, like a guest list, shipping the paint and canvas, and reserving the best date for your whole team. We’ll ship all the necessary materials to each individual on your team and invite them to the virtual paint and sip event. Being apart together has never been easier or more fun!

Planning a Carefree Activity for Your Whole Team in Camarillo

At your local Camarillo Painting with a Twist, we make planning a team building activity stress-free. On the day of your event, you’ll walk in to find all the materials set up for you already. Once everyone is settled in, one of our fun artists in Camarillo will get the ball rolling and then guide your team through the painting process. And don't worry, it's FUN art, not FINE art! Even if no one on your team has touched a paintbrush before, they can still have a blast with the easy-to-follow guided instructions from our friendly artist. When your event ends, you don’t have to worry about the cleanup, making your painting event one of the easiest and least stressful corporate events ever.

Breaking Down Silos with Corporate Events at Painting with a Twist Camarillo

If you assume that team building activities are just for big corporations and company retreats, take a step back. A paint and sip party is the perfect team building opportunity for any team, whether that’s your intramural volleyball squad, the local theater group, your church’s singles group, or even everyone in your Camarillo neighborhood. If you’ve got a team in mind, we can help you organize an engaging painting event in Camarillo, CA. Book your team building event today!

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